An independent licenced service provider.

Registered with TIO

Independant Service Carrier

What is RED WiFi

RED WiFi is a team of people who got fed up with poor, unreliable internet speeds and a lack of decent support and created a service that is a new way to experience communications and provides the ability to connect to the world better.

Unlike the poor internet quality that is currently accepted today.

Who are our services for?

Anyone throughout Australia!

From country to coast.

We are for anyone who wants reliable and fast internet coupled with quality support.

Who wouldn't want reliability with their internet & phone services?

We're a little wacky.

We're a little tacky,

But we're honest,

We're genuine and

We're in it for the long haul.

We are

Meet the RED WiFi team

Our team is made up of some pretty awesome people

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1300 999 733

Level 1

Office Suite 1

207 Logan Road

Brisbane, 4102

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We support Aussie jobs, businesses, communities & the economy by shopping locally where ever we go.

Feel The Power Of RED

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